Name: Anonymous

Date: Oct 24/2019

Review Source: Square Reports

Review: My consult was invaluable. Cannabis is very expensive to purchase, there isn’t much practical knowledge given by licensed producers. A little bit of knowledge can save you tons of money by reducing your dose, finding the right strain for your symptoms, and discovering the best ways of consuming those cannabinoids/terpenes that is right for you. So worth my consult!




Name: Brent R.

Date: Oct 18/2019

Review Source: Youtube

Review: We had a great class last night, I highly recommend you try this it was very educational.




Name: Brenda S.

Date: July 31/2019

Review Source: Facebook

Review: Athena is very knowledgeable and willing to help. She wants to make sure you have what you need and know how to use it. I Highly recommend her!!!




Name: William P.

Date: May 30/2019

Review Source: Facebook

Review: Athena helped me figure out what kind of strain I needed to achieve optimal results. I now sleep wonderfully thanks to her advice and guidance! If you have doubts about how best to use cannabis or you need help with anything regarding the plant, talk to Athena, she is awesome and helpful!




Name: Mark G.

Date: Mar 28/2019

Review Source: Facebook

Review: A unique service, new to Canada! Athena provides knowledge on what strains are best for your needs, and how to both best use and save money on cannabis medicine by using it properly for your lifestyle. Highly recommended!




Name: Della E.

Date: March 28/2019

Review Source: Facebook

Review: Athena was very knowledgeable and friendly! I live in Arizona so we had a phone conference, she then sent me an email with what we talked about. Athena helped me so I wasn’t overwhelmed at the dispensary, I knew what I needed! I wish I lived closer so I could go to Athena’s classes, she has so much to share! I highly recommend Athena and CannaHow!



    1. You’ll be happy to know it’s impossible to overdose on CBD. So over-imbibing is not dangerous, simply wasteful. You can tell when you’ve had too many when the effects become uncomfortable rather than soothing. I recommend checking out the tips on my “what to do if you get too high” poster. Even though these tips are designed for THC overwhelm steps 2-5 will work for an overwhelming amount of any cannabinoid.

  1. I have to admit that I hesitated to purchase her lotion because of the price, but I’m glad I did. It is, without a doubt, the highest quality lotion I have ever used and that’s without considering the fact that it’s infused. It’s wonderful!

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