What to use in the kitchen

These are all items that can be valuable in your cannabis journey.

I can’t count the number of recipes that have been saved by having just the right tool handy at just the right time.

It’s probably about a third of the number of recipes I have wrecked because I wasn’t prepared and really wished I had picked up that “insert item here” after all.

Learn from my mistakes. Get the gear first! It will take so much stress out of the process and you will get a much better final product!

– Athena

For Grinding

The power models are hard on the flower and they burn out quickly from the sticky resins. Your grinder should have many diamond-shaped heads and an extra layer for catching the loose trichomes(kief)

For Scent Management

Let’s face it. Cannabis can get pungent and while some of us like the aroma. many don’t.

Camouflage the scent by boiling some mulling spice on the stove while decarbing and infusing.

This way your home smells like a cosy bakery and the telltale cannabis scent is completely covered.

For Decarbing

You will need a shallow pan with a lid

This one lacks a lid but is flexible and easy to handle

For Infusing


For Straining

Proper utensils are a MUST HAVE for safety and quality.

Quality 1 piece silicone utensils are VITAL for a smooth experience and are more than worth the expense.

Trust us, even if you don’t do canning, you’ll want the whole kit.

For Easy Freezing

Using a silicone mould to portion out your larger batches of oil or butter, makes future use much more convenient.


Silicone Moulds

The right mould can make all the difference. 

No matter the total size of your desired edible, there are certain traits to look for. Consistent size and ease of removal are kings. Even overly large edibles can be reliably cut down if the shape is consistent.

These coffee bean shapes are perfect for cough drops!





It’s highly recommended to grow your own or buy from official sources. Here is a link to Athena’s favourite dispensary.

We do not sell cannabis or cannabis-infused products.

This is the official government of Ontario site. Delivery is discrete and usually only takes a few days. https://ocs.ca

You can go to a dispensary if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. Check this link for current options in Ontario.


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