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Cannabis has been legal in Canada for over 20 years now (medical since 2001 & recreational since 2018). It’s helped thousands, raised tax revenue, and created an entirely new industry! And yet the general population is still nervous about using and/or talking about a plant.

Here at CannaHow it’s our belief that this is due to the heavy restrictions around advertising cannabis products, accessories, and resources. You see, while medical research has established that the components of this plant are very good for the human condition… It has also determined that we each have a unique response to any given cultivar.

Due to this inconsistent response, the government of Canada determined that the exact effects of a cannabis cultivar are NOT ALLOWED to be advertised, as they cannot be guaranteed. (preventing false advertising is a very good thing).

However, to ensure that they comply with this law, many cannabis clinics, dispensaries, and licensed producers have chosen to stay “hands-off” with the selection process and simply do not advertise outside of the cannabis industry. 
This helps cannabis providers comply with the law but leaves their clientele (and anyone wishing to learn more) confused about where to start their cannabis journey, or how to troubleshoot their experience should things not be going as expected

We here at CannaHow want you to know that support is available!

While we all respond slightly differently to any given cannabis cultivar, and we each will ultimately have to find our own balance… There is absolutely no reason why you cannot learn about what cannabis is, why it works, and what the typical responses are to the building blocks of our favourite plant!

By understanding the nature of the Endocannabinoid System (the ECS) and how it interacts with our favourite plant you can take control of your unique cannabis experience!

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Typical Cannabis Resources:

  • Are full of Jargon
  • Vague on customization
  • Vague on application methods
  • Heavy on branding/sales/current cultivar availability
  • Vague and/or overly-technical on the Endocannabinoid System
  • Make assumptions about the audiences prior cannabis knowledge or lack thereof

CannaHow’s “Understanding Cannabis”:

  • Minimal jargon and all terms are defined in a relatable manner
  • Direct information on how to customize your experience to your individual needs
  • Direct information on the many ways to apply cannabis (including stats you can use to plan your unique experience)
  • Teaches basic elements to give a solid starting point
  • Detailed information on the function of the ECS using metaphor and storytelling
  • Makes no assumption about the experience level of the audience. From the greenest newbie to a seasoned pro. Athena’s here to expand your knowledge base in exciting new ways
CannaHow presents Understanding Cannabis

Cannahow’s “Understanding Cannabis” is a live speaking event intended for audiences 19 and older and is designed to educate in a fun and relatable manner. 

This hour-long presentation covers:

  • The function of the Endocannabinoid System
  • Why its being in good condition is required for our basic health
  • How to support your ECS
  • How to get started on unlocking your personal cannabis code
  • Q & A

Understanding Cannabis: Budtender Edition

Athena’s “Understanding Cannabis – Budtender Edition” is a live speaking event intended for Budtenders & Cannabis Clinics. Designed to give your staff the tools and mindset they need to help your clientele find their unique fit. Thus boosting customer satisfaction and retention. 

This 2-hour session includes all of the information from the base presentation as well as:

  • Top terpene combos to give the most requested client experiences
  • What to do about cannabis overwhelm. Easy methods for prevention and modulation
  • How to translate the effects of terpenes and how using terpene scent testers can improve customer satisfaction
  • Q & A
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