Pink Kush Brownie with Pink Kush French Buttercream

Athena’s Infused Two-Bite Brownies

I have to admit that I love these brownies a little too much, and in order to save myself from myself, I usually plan on sharing them with friends.
To make this easy, I use a mini muffin tin for baking. That way I can keep my dose sizes even and it’s easier to set limits on my canna-chocolate-loving self.

It should be noted that this recipe can be made with a single base infusion for the average user, but is particularly useful for the ultra-high dose user that doesn’t like the taste of FECO, as it can be infused in up to four ways* (five if you count the icing)! 

Check out my videos on how to make Canna-Butter, Canna-Oil, Canna-SugarCanna-Chocolate, and How To Make Delicate Infusions to make a truly incredible edible right in your own kitchen!

Good Luck & Happy Making!!

*butter, oil, sugar & chocolate

P.S. If you’re using semi-sweet or milk chocolate chips (or cheater canna-chocolate), reduce the chocolate to 4oz

Athena's Cannabis Brownies recipe card

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