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You are unique and so is your cannabis experience

Making your own infusions and unlocking your personal cannabis code can take time and be a frustrating process.
CannaHow is here to provide educational resources and tools that give you what you need to create your own custom cannabis experience in a practical way.
Check out Athena’s Practical Cannabis Guidebook (coming summer 2022) for all the tools you need to help make your cannabis experience fit your life!
To get additional support for yourself you can book a Custom Canna-Coaching Session and if you have a  group you can book a Live Speaking Event where Athena will speak about How & Why cannabis works the way it does in a vibrantly memorable way. It’s sure to make an impact on your audience and teach them something new no matter what their experience level may be!!

Access our FREE Video Archive to learn the basics around cooking with cannabis including tips, tricks, and recipes. OH! And don’t forget to dig through Athena’s Instagram for inspiration on how to apply our favourite plant to your individual needs.

Learn More Athena on Set for CannaHow
Custom Canna-Coaching
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Live Speaking Events
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Practical Cannabis Guidebook
Your guide to Unlocking Your Personal Cannabis CodeLearn More TT Myrcene most common
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